WadzPay Token

WadzPay Token (WTK) is a utility token which allows its custodians to make transactions at E-Commerce or Retail merchants using the WadzPay payment platform.

The token is designed to drive good governance on the payment platform, while rewarding consumers and businesses.
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WTK Benefits

  • Priority access to new features
  • Faster, cheaper, and more efficient settlement within the network
  • Zero transaction fee for any transaction made with WTK on the WadzPay payment platform, for the first year

Journey From Ethereum to Tomochain: Faster, Cheaper, Smarter Transactions

Payments should be fast and fee-free for consumers. Our token is moving to Tomochain’s TRC-21 protocol in Q1 2021, which promises significantly faster transaction speeds compared to Ethereum’s ERC-20, and best of all: you can say goodbye to high network (gas) fees.


The WTK utility token will power the WadzPay ecosystem.

WadzPay Tokenomy Flowchart

Merchant and Consumer Incentives

  • 12.5 million locked tokens to be airdropped during promotional periods
  • First-time merchant signups will receive bonus WTK for signing up on the platform.
  • 1% bonus ‘token cash-back’ for digital currency (e.g. BTC/ETH) to WTK conversions
  • 1% bonus ‘token cash-back’ for WTK to fiat conversions
  • Merchants who meet platform sales targets and able to move more than 10% of their overall payments onto WadzPay will receive incentives in WTK.
% of sales via


10% 20% 30%+
Bonus tokens as % of sales 0.75% 0.9% 1%

Tokenomy Document (PDF)

For more details about our tokenomy, please download the PDF.

Contract Audit

Our smart contract has been audited by Nakka Pte Ltd. Download the audit here.