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The WadzPay ‘lightpaper’ will explain the direction for the WadzPay payment platform taking account of the problems & opportunities in current global payment systems, and how WadzPay blockchain based solutions accompanied by AI are revolutionising the Payments landscape. The development of WadzPay is backed by the fact that digital currencies are the way of the future and are already fast replacing Fiat.

The WadzPay platform is ready to go live in late 2020, specifically focusing on the unbanked/underbanked in South East Asia and later expanding to South America, Africa and other fast developing economies. The platform supports most digital currencies including: E-currencies, Stable coins and Sovereign e-currencies.

Updated in September 2020. This product document will keep evolving and receive regular updates.


The payments landscape is evolving rapidly. The use of digital currency in the mainstream payment ecosystem is already a reality. Fintech companies are collaborating with financial institutions and governments to inspire change. Alongside this, COVID-19 has triggered a global lockdown of sorts, bringing business operations to a virtual standstill. Economies are grappling with both the immediate and future impact and are facing serious challenges.

Society is more motivated than ever towards the next big global change, towards ‘The Next Industrial Revolution’ where we will witness the amalgamation of technology and humanity for the betterment of society. This will include:

  • Emergence of self-sustaining economies
  • Renewal and Clean sources of fuel becoming the new normal.
  • Autonomous driving and Advanced robotics becoming integral to our daily lives. Travel will be reformed in more ways than we can imagine.
  • Advancement in Healthcare will outshine military budgets.
  • Remote diagnosis and cross border health care will take precedent.

This will require advanced and secure forms of technology such as Blockchain, as data will now be utilized in many ways. All will have to work in harmony to truly deliver an interconnected world and digital payments will play a key part in the new world order.

Digital Currency payments have the potential of creating a borderless and globalized economy while fighting financial inequality and bringing fast and secure financial services to all. Existing payment systems lack the necessary technology and scalability to deal with such changes.

WadzPay will become The Transaction Layer for Digital Currency based payments. We will build direct relationships between retailers and consumers which will result in faster and cheaper settlements, control and ownership over your data and a seamless consumer experience.

Anish Jain

Anish Jain

Founder & Chief Executive Officer


WadzPay was founded in 2018 by bringing together payments and technology experts with a unified goal of delivering a new sustainable and scalable digital payments ecosystem that does improve transaction efficiencies and consumer experiences via automation.

1.1 Wadzpay Vision

Driving Financial Inclusion whilst enabling broader acceptance.

WadzPay is developing a digital payment platform taking advantage of innovations in technology such as Blockchain for payments and AI for smart data management. The secure, data driven platform will facilitate faster, hassle-free transactions that mutually benefit all stakeholders involved in the transaction lifecycle with more control and visibility. The ecosystem is future ready and will be the enabler for smart analytics, dApp and Defi.

WadzPay is available at no cost on any smartphone, reducing the need for additional hardware and associated costs, and addressing pain points for merchants plagued with advancements in technology. This provides a gateway to burgeoning digital economies. At its core, the WadzPay platform will establish long-lasting relationships with merchants and consumers by offering cost-effective and tech-enabled solutions.

The WadzPay platform is fast, reliable, scalable, and easily integrates with any existing merchant system. Merchants can start accepting digital payments via the WadzPay Application in a matter of minutes. WadzPay will also be available as a white label / licensed solution for open, semi-closed and closed-loop models.

WadzPay offers:

  • Simplified payments
  • Lower transaction fees
  • Sustainable and scalable solutions
  • Greater security, with a goal to eliminate fraud

Figure 1: WadzPay Contribution to Simplifying the Payment Ecosystem


2.1 Market Size

According to the McKinsey report1, “global payment revenues are expected to surpass $3 trillion in the next five years. Market growth is dominated by the Asia-Pacific (APAC) region. At more than $900 billion, this region currently accounts for nearly half of global revenue – compared to less than a quarter just six years ago. Payment revenues in APAC will grow at a double-digit rate over the next five years, faster than any other region globally.”

Despite higher transaction costs, which are often passed onto buyers, the share of cash transactions has fallen from 89 to 77 percent globally in the last 5 years.

2.2 Large Unbanked/ Underbanked Market

A World Bank study2 found that “globally, 1.7 billion adults remain unbanked/underbanked, yet two-thirds of them own a mobile phone that could help them access financial services. Digital technology could take advantage of existing cash transactions to bring people into the financial system. More than 200 million unbanked/underbanked adults who work in the private sector are paid in cash only.” More than 50% of those reside in Asia. See also World Bank Financial Inclusion home.

The World Bank also highlights several reasons why many people prefer to remain unbanked/underbanked, such as their lack of sufficient money to open a bank account, costs of maintenance, distance barriers, distrust in the current financial system, and documentation requirements. Thus, addressing some of these hurdles is key to ameliorate financial inclusion for many adults.

2.3 The Rise of Fintech

The rise of Fintech is driven by rapid advancements in technology, higher consumer expectations and growing economies. The financial arena is navigating this trend shift to embrace new payment technologies and solutions. No change is created by itself without a fair bit of chaos. The financial industry is currently in a state of disruption with Fintech players capturing the market with new-age tools that promise better convenience, reliability, performance, access, and flexibility to the consumer.

2.4 Existing Problems with Legacy Payment Systems

  • The high cost of card-based transactions: Most banks charge a convenience fee for card use at the merchant’s outlet, which are either absorbed by the merchant or passed on to consumers through higher prices. These fees can be as high as 21% in some markets, especially in developing countries.
  • Settlement delays: Credit card companies make merchants wait between 7 to 30 days for settlement.
  • Digital payment methods are expensive: Payment systems such as PayPal, meant to simplify cross-border transfers and online payments attract huge fees e.g. as of May 2019, a 2.9% fee in the United States plus a flat fee of 30 USD cent per transaction for transferring money into their bank account in the USA.
  • Sending money abroad is complex and incurs high fees: Bank transfers across borders are equally expensive with banks charging high fees to complete transactions. Those who are ‘unbanked/ underbanked’, such as foreign workers in Asia who send money to their families lose a large chunk of their remittance when using services such as Western Union.
  • Cash and check payments fees: due to strict banking laws, especially in developing markets, processing these payment methods takes time and attracts high fees. Cash also carries a cost in terms of theft and counterfeiting, as well as cash access fees.

A cashless economy relying solely on e-payments and digital currencies is truly the way of the future.


3.1 Blockchain for Faster Payment Processing

In this era of the technological revolution affecting almost every sphere of life, Blockchain has emerged as the disruptor. As the Internet did three decades ago, the payments landscape is once again not spared from the effects of technological revolution.

Blockchain impacts the payment value chain to make it more accessible, scalable, agile, and efficient. This technology enables best in class payment tools for merchants and consumers, while driving financial inclusion for the unbanked/underbanked in Asia, South America, Africa and other developing economies.

WadzPay products and solutions are designed to revolutionize the payment ecosystem by capturing the vast potential of Blockchain technology and delivering it in an easy to use application.

This adoption of Blockchain technology will help merchants eliminate traditional intermediaries and payment hubs to operate on a low-cost framework. Reliant on the core principle of ‘decentralization’, Blockchain provides an opportunity to break through into different payment service layers and enhance overall service efficiency to consumers by saving on time, costs and helping to decentralize accounting and financial management. This, in turn, will elevate consumer experience to a whole new level.

3.2 How Does Blockchain Work?

Blockchain is an opensource and decentralized ledger that allows each piece of data to have one owner. It is built from blocks of data secured by encryption and cryptography, which are distributed and verified across the network. This secured data works across many touchpoints to record details of a transaction and pay-out. It is a cost-effective alternative to do away with the intermediaries, offering collective verification of the ecosystem with enhanced security, speed, and traceability.

Figure 2: Principle of Blockchain Technology. Blockchain technology allows for a transparent and safe environment for transactions to take place.

The consumer authorizes the transfer of their currency to a merchant or person. On the Blockchain, transactions are digitally signed using cryptographic means. A blockchain’s key characteristic is that it employs a data structure where transactions are organized and bundled into a block. Every block is chained together with a previous block using a cryptographic hash function.

3.3 AI for Intelligent Commerce

AI is impacting the world in almost all industries and its effect on e-commerce will be phenomenal in time to come. According to a Gartner study5, “AI in sales allows for more efficiency and effectiveness in business processes, often with up to 30% higher conversion rates when engaging with prospects or leads.”


WadzPay is the Flagship product of WP Worldwide Limited. WadzPay allows merchants and consumers to accept and make payments in digital currencies just by downloading the WadzPay application. The product is designed to help economies and society leapfrog into the next generation of digital payments. This is especially true for developing economies with large unbanked/underbanked population.

WadzPay will become THE Transaction Layer for Digital Currencies in South-East Asia and Worldwide.

The platform allows its users to WadzPay anyone, anywhere, in any Digital Currency including: E-currencies, Stable coins and Sovereign e-currencies, instantly. The WadzPay brand name will be synonymous for all digital payments and be uttered in the same breath as “WhatsApp me” and “let’s FaceTime”.

The WadzPay product suite includes:

  • WadzPay Application: A digital multi-currency wallet for accepting and making payments in digital currency.
  • WadzPay Prepaid cards
  • Where to WadzPay? An opportunity for Merchants to build their online presence and reach out to consumers
  • The WadzPay Token which drives our payment ecosystem

4.1 WadzPay Platform Benefits

WadzPay payment solutions integrate the benefits of Blockchain with AI to simplify payments by making the entire process seamless, faster, and more cost-effective for merchants. This translates into minimal/no fees, more transparency and enhanced security, as well as intelligent analytics. Delivering intelligent commerce is a by-product of focused efforts at WadzPay, aptly defining our winning edge in the financial domain.

WadzPay is automating almost the entire transaction lifecycle using Blockchain. This enables us to manage the cost of running such a powerful network and pass these benefits to our WadzPay community.

Our tools will enable merchants and store managers to get business insights and manage elements like cash flow and their inventory.

Whether you are a consumer or merchant, using our product suite will unlock:

  • Low fees:
    • No fees for consumers, whether they are paying for goods & services, or receiving digital currency from friends and family.
    • No fees for merchants receiving WadzPay tokens, and a low marketleading flat fee of 1% on other digital currencies.
  • Instantaneous P2P transfers. All you need is a smartphone and internet connection.
  • Support for microtransactions (MTX): unlike credit cards, WadzPay has no minimum transaction requirement. This enables a key revenue stream for game and software developers.
  • Unlocks a new source of liquidity for existing cryptocurrency investors and traders.

Additionally, merchants will benefit from:

  • Speedy settlement times including the ability to ‘cash out’ in Fiat seamlessly in as little as 1-3 days.
  • Access to a new source of assets which otherwise they do not currently enjoy. The platform provides backend accounting support for merchants.
  • Complete unification of services into a single payment ecosystem to connect the downstream and upstream, as opposed to disconnected system e.g. POS, inventory management and CRM.
  • AI powered analytics helps business owners make informed decisions.
  • Automated supply chain management, providing cost savings and reduced inventory rollover.

4.2 Hero Product: The WadzPay Application

The WadzPay application is already in beta testing for Android and iOS and goes beyond a minimal viable product, acting as a functional digital multi-currency wallet which connects merchants and consumers. As the application scales across different markets it will feature support for most digital currencies including: E-currencies, Stable coins, and Sovereign e-currencies.

The objective of the WadzPay application is to simplify the complexity of using digital assets (cryptocurrencies) for accepting and making payments, and bring them to the masses using familiar methods, with a simple user-interface. The WadzPay application provides convenient access to manage funds and make payments.

The application is designed to be agile, support multiple languages, and tailored to launch markets with special features (e.g. discounts/offerings).

Through a series of simple and intuitive steps, users will be able to load digital currencies into their digital wallet and make purchases using common sense and intuitive language, regardless of their technological knowledge.

Figure 3: The WadzPay Platform

4.3 Key Features & Benefits:

  • Accept and Pay in most digital currencies with a simple QR code or username, instead of a complicated digital wallet address.
  • Speedy user onboarding with fast and secure KYC/AML performed according to local regulations and enabled by a market leading partner. It only takes a few minutes to register and start using the application for most people.
  • Easy loading & withdrawal of funds: friendly UI/UX that simplifies loading and managing your preferred digital currencies, as well as the withdrawal of funds should you elect to receive funds in Fiat.
  • Invoicing via email or chat: Merchants can generate E-invoices which can be sent for payments via email or popular chat applications.
  • Safe & secure: Every transaction on the WadzPay platform is monitored real time for any threats, fishing for data or potential leaks. This is achieved by using multiple inhouse and third-party security and fraud detection provisions.
  • Microtransactions: WadzPay can significantly reduce overheads for merchants with near-zero charges and instant verification.

Figure 4: User Onboarding. (A) Consumer onboarding; (B) Merchant onboarding. In the current environment, the registration flow is slightly different between merchants and consumers. KYC/AML verification is required for merchants.

4.4 KYC & AML on the WadzPay Application

Lack of compliance as well as looming new regulations are partly responsible for the current hurdles faced by Blockchain-related FinTech’s. As digital currencies continue to exist with Blockchain in anonymity and confidentiality, the regulatory demand for transparency and identity verification using KYC and AML laws are being set forth.

WadzPay will partner with best of breed and regulator recognised companies to offer our community KYC, AML, and digital wallet protections.

KYC will be applied at two levels with the launch of the WadzPay application. Simple KYC will be used for our users and consumers, balancing community protection with a smooth and fast sign up process. Expert or ‘pro-consumers’ who will be more active on the WadzPay platform or require transaction values to be higher than general regulator limits will go through a 2nd level of KYC, to protect users and ensure these higher transaction values are valid, and that merchants are transacting with good actors in the community. This higher level of KYC will also be applied to all merchants as they are core to having a solid and trusted community. This service also offers AML analysis based upon policies and patterns that are common in the payments world but also adapted to digital economies that WadzPay will be at the heart of.

WadzPay will be employing digital/crypto wallet analytics through a Blockchain based service that we believe this is essential for the WadzPay community as a safeguard due to the increased number of digital wallets that will be created and to prevent bad actors causing any disruption in the flow of business on the WadzPay platform.

4.5 WadzPay Prepaid Cards

While our vision is to enable a cashless and cardless reality, we understand that behavioural change takes time. Based on consumer feedback, we have partnered with two of the largest card issuers in the world and will be issuing multi-currency Prepaid cards.

These cards will give consumers the power to spend digital and traditional currencies seamlessly, everywhere MasterCard and Visa cards are accepted.
This will enable them to:

  • Save money every time you spend with the WadzPay Prepaid Card and get access to all Mastercard offers
  • Make domestic and international ATM withdrawals
  • Benefit from no card or account fees and high limits (benefits based on membership tier)


The WadzPay application is designed to meet varied merchant requirements, such as developing a better understanding of their consumers profile, online visibility, inventory and account management. WadzPay can adapt to changing needs. Merchants will be able to attract and reach new markets segments and design marketspecific offerings.WadzPay is partnering with exchanges to provide merchants with the capacity to receive settlements in Fiat* in select markets.

5.1 WadzPay for E-Commerce

For E-Commerce merchants, WadzPay offers an easy-to-adopt solution in the form of plug-ins for the most popular e-commerce platforms such as Magento, Woocommerce, Opencart, and Shopify. Merchants just install the plug-ins or use APIs through their e-commerce platform and follow simple steps to start accepting payments in digital currency.

Figure 5: E-Commerce process

WadzPay to Settle Online Payments. For consumers, WadzPay is offered as a webbased digital multi-currency wallet to help them transact with simplicity. It provides the convenience of making purchases and transfers without the hassle of using public or private keys. When the sender and the recipient are on WadzPay platform, as the transaction facilitator the payments are processed off-chain without the need of any waiting period for transaction to be confirmed. WadzPay can be considered an easy way to make purchases utilising cryptocurrencies from your digital wallet.

5.2 WadzPay for Bricks and Mortar Retailers

To capture the entire retail space, WadzPay has developed a mobile application, which will enable buyers to settle payments at their favourite stores. Any retail merchant can download the WadzPay application and get started too.

The Merchant will receive their own QR Code and a Merchant Username. The QR Code can be displayed at various payment points within the merchant outlet. Consumers will spot the QR code and will be able to make payments with their preferred digital currency. WadzPay merchant interface enables merchants to receive payment through QR code, without the need for expensive hardware. South-East Asia and India are the biggest QR usage markets, while in China 50% of the population scan QR codes at least once a week. Usage has further been accelerated due to Covid-19 Safe Entry installations in public spaces.

As a part of the product evolution, WadzPay will design a cognate merchant application that can be loaded on any mobile devices and turn them into a POS terminal or integrate into any existing POS terminal. This merchant-specific mobile application would provide added security, as well as play a critical role in the transfer of smart data for the AI-based services that WadzPay plans to offer our community.

5.3 The WadzPay Acceptance Mark

The distinctive WadzPay acceptance mark with our unique shopping cart icon is quickly becoming synonymous with payments made by digital currencies all around the globe. This mark is available for use to all WadzPay trusted Merchants.

5.4 WadzPay Merchant Dashboard

The WadzPay merchant dashboard provides insights into transaction data, purchase histories and more. In time, it will bring our AI implemented solutions to life, assisting merchants in attracting more consumers, understanding demand to improve supply chain management, and to increase profit margins.

WadzPay will use state of the art technology to mine the data collected through its platform to generate meaningful offerings to its community.

Some of our services will include:

  • Targeted marketing: AI brings a sense of direction and purpose to support merchant focused marketing efforts by using the purchasing-data captured in the WadzPay platform. Merchants will be able to understand consumer-specific buying patterns, predict purchase behaviours and design customized marketing plans to boost sales while improving their satisfaction.
  • Market trend predictions: The WadzPay platform will capture and aggregate transactional information from merchants to provide recommendations through various metrics on how consumer interest is changing over time and across product categories. This process will provide merchants with accurate off-hand market predictions enabling them to make smart decisions regarding their business growth and development. Anonymous data collected from consumer transactions will allow for analysis into consumer purchase behaviour changes and reflect product demand. As a result, store managers will be able to adjust the supply chain for their store in real-time, reducing inefficiencies and increase their revenues, while reducing the cost to the end consumer.
  • Inventory & Cash Flow management: WadzPay AI analyses inventory consumption and market predictions to provide merchants with recommendations to help maintain an adequate inventory to meet demand and manage costs. It will automatically prompt merchants when stocks are running low or are expected to run low. The goal is to improve overall profitability for the merchant.

5.5 Where to WadzPay?

The ‘Where to WadzPay?’ section on www.wadzpay.com is a new initiative to directly engage and create dialogue between consumers and merchants . By registering on the WadzPay platform, merchants will be added to our database for free. This searchable database allows these merchants to reach new consumers from all around the world and grow their business. Additionally, these trusted merchants can run special promotions & offers to further enhance their ability to grow their sales volume.

As the platform scales, this page will continue to be a key priority and driver for new and exciting offers. This one-of-a-kind initiative by WadzPay will receive a large marketing push, prompting consumers to constantly return and learn about new WadzPay merchants and promotions.

WadzPay has already signed in excess of 100,000 e-commerce and retail merchants, who will start accepting WadzPay payments as we activate new markets. Keep a lookout on the ‘Where to WadzPay’ page, where we continuously add and update new merchants near you.


WadzPay Token (WTK) is a utility token which allows its holders to make transactions at E-Commerce or Retail merchants using the WadzPay payment platform. Based on William Mougayar’s Token checklist7, which aims to determine and assess the role of the Token, WadzPay Token scores very high (16/20) for token-to-market fit.

The token is designed to drive adoption of the payment platform while rewarding its users for their loyalty and good behaviour.

Token Model

Ticker WTK
Token Type Utility Token
Total Supply 250,000,000
Public Round Price USDT $0.10
Soft Cap USD $500,000
Hard Cap USD $1 Million
Token Type on Listing ERC-20
Team & Advisor Token Vesting 1 year lock-up, followed by milestone-based releases
IEO Token Burn All unsold coins will be burned
Smart-Contract 0xdf9d4674a430bdcc096a3a403128357ab36844ba

6.1 WTK Benefits

The token is designed to drive adoption of the payment platform while rewarding its users for their loyalty and good behaviour. WTK allows for faster, cheaper, and more efficient settlement within the network. WadzPay will charge 0 transaction fee for any transaction made with WTK on the WadzPay payment platform, for the first year.

6.2 Holding WTK will also benefit users through:

  • Airdrop rewards
  • Dispute resolutions
  • Priority access to new features

WTK will play a pivotal part in the AI based Inventory management system that will be rolled out in early 2021.

6.3 Tokenomy

The WTK utility token will power the WadzPay ecosystem.

The Token economy is designed to be investor friendly with these 5 main features:

Deflationary supply

Exclusive WadzPay Platform related services (e.g. targeted marketing, inventory management) can only be purchased using WTK. Each of these transactions will be subjected to a 10% token burn. WadzPay will commit to burning WTK until 50% of the total supply is burnt.

Sink by staking for membership

Reduced velocity of circulating supply through a ‘sink’ via compulsory staking for membership: Active consumers and merchants will achieve a premium status. They can earn compensation through WTK-based rewards earned from WTK that they stake and have access to exclusive WadzPay Platform related services.

This staking of tokens is compulsory for users to maintain their premium membership status and reversing the stake is subjected to a 30-day vesting period.

5% annual percentage yield (APY) will also be ‘paid’ to stakers of WadzPay tokens.

Reduced sell-book pressure

WadzPay will allow merchants to liquidate their digital currency to their local Fiat currency (depending on market). This leads to reduced exchange sell-book pressure of WTK through the in-app WTK to Fiat off-ramp. The WadzPay off-ramp ecosystem internalises and settles the sell order without it being reflected on exchange order books. We will also seek to sell OTC to larger investors as the priority method for tokens we buy back, and combined with the burns, the design effectively reduces the supply in the secondary market.

Increased buy-book pressure

Compulsory ‘staking-for-membership’ requirements and several WTK exclusive features creates a consistent demand for WTK as the community grows. For access to WadzPay membership, rewards and services, users will have to buy WTK from exchanges.

Open market buy-back and burn

WadzPay will commit 2% of its quarterly revenue in order to conduct open market buyback and burns 6 months after token listing. Burning of tokens will be conducted until 50% of the total token supply is removed from the ecosystem.

  • Initial Supply – 250 million WTK
  • Final Goal – 125 million WTK

Token Split

Percentage Tokens # (Millions)
Team & Advisors (locked up for min. 1 year) 19% 47.5
Private investors 16% 40
Public Sale 5% 12.5
Reserves for future development 20% 50
User & merchant acquisition 10% 25
New Market entry 10% 25
Pool for incentives (airdrops & rewards) 20% 50

WTK will be slowly released into the market to reward both investors and early adopters.

  1. 19% of our total supply has been sold to private investors.
  2. 5% will be made available for exchange listings.
  3. 20% will be used for consumer adoption and merchant incentives.
    • 10% is allocated for airdrops to consumers designed for on-platform purchases at WadzPay e-commerce and retail merchants. These will not be tradeable.
    • 10% will be used for merchant incentive schemes including: rewarding meeting sales targets, and for converting digital currencies for settlement. These will not be tradeable.

6.4 Merchant and Consumer Incentives

We are allocating WTK to rapidly grow platform users and encourage payments in this token. Incentive tokens are not tradeable and can be used for access to future premium WadzPay services, as well as for staking.

  • Consumer Acquisition & Incentives

To increase app downloads, and encourage consumers to pay in WTK, thereby driving adoption, we have allocated 12.5 million locked tokens, which can only be used for purchases at our merchants. These will be airdropped during promotional periods.

  • Merchant Acquisition

First-time merchant signups will receive bonus WTK for signing up on the platform. The tokens can be used for making settlements against purchases.

  • Merchant Growth Incentive

Merchants who meet platform sales targets and able to move more than 10% of their overall payments onto WadzPay will receive incentives in WTK.

% of sales via WadzPay 10% 20% 30%+
Bonus tokens as % of sales 0.75% 0.9% 1%
  • Merchant Settlement Incentives

    We are introducing incentives for merchants who wish to settle in WTK. These include:

    1% bonus ‘token cash-back’ for digital currency (e.g. BTC/ETH) to WTK conversions.

    1% bonus ‘token cash-back’ for WTK to fiat conversions.

10% of WTK tokens received back via WTK to Fiat conversions will be burned by WadzPay. 10% of tokens spent on WadzPay platform services will also be burned.

The sale of the WadzPay Token represents a voluntary contribution towards the execution of this product vision by its current and future team as described in this whitepaper. WadzPay Token does not grant any direct equity stake or profit-sharing of It does not represent ownership rights or claims in the WadzPay payment platform, revenues or intellectual property, either present or future. Despite the best efforts and diligence of the WadzPay team to bring this project forward, all contributors should be aware that their contributions may not be refundable and thus accept the inherent risk of project failure at any stage of development. This implicit risk is associated with any and all uncertainty of backing cutting-edge technologically focused entrepreneurial projects and can be affected by either internal or external factors that are out of the control scope of the team. Contributions will be subject to any applicable compliance regulations (including know your customer (KYC), anti-money laundering (AML) and other procedures/regulations where applicable).

WadzPay Token can be used on the WadzPay platform, it will offer a utility value inside the ecosystem that we are building. However, the purchase of this token will not provide any redemption rights. Together, we believe that WadzPay Token does not qualify as a security, which is supported by the legal opinion of WMH Law Corporation (www.wmhlaw.com.sg). This token does not provide contributor equity share in the legal structure of any of the WadzPay entities. As a preventive measure of caution and due to U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission new regulations we currently do not accept contributions from U.S. citizens and U.S. permanent residents, hereafter referred to as “U.S. persons”. As a result, U.S. persons may not expect to have access to the purchase of WadzPay Tokens under the same terms and conditions as residents or citizens of other countries or jurisdictions. Similarly, the sale of WadzPay Token will also be prohibited for “The People’s Republic of China” citizens as well as citizens from “Sanctioned Governments”. In the event the sale for WadzPay Token opens to citizens of these restricted countries, different terms and conditions may apply.

Purchasing cryptographic tokens involves a high degree of risk and the potential for significant losses. Do not use any money that you cannot afford to lose towards the purchase of WadzPay Token.


7.1 Market Expansion Strategy

We intend to ‘Start local, go global’, with an initial focus on countries that have a higher unbanked/underbanked rate. WadzPay will initially launch its products in Indonesia, which has a population of over 260 million people, over 50% of which are unbanked/underbanked. WadzPay will also focus its initial efforts in Vietnam and Thailand where opportunities in retail space are very high, with populations reliant on cash payments despite having a robust telecommunication infrastructure.

Following the release of the WadzPay payment platform in these initial countries, WadzPay will put efforts to move into new countries, driven by the partnership that we can build in other countries in Asia-Pacific (APAC) and Middle East and North Africa (MENA). Additionally, depending on changes of the regulatory landscape in countries such as China and India, WadzPay, will position itself favourably to move quickly in these countries.

7.2 Roadmap


WadzPay wants to give back and improve community welfare and social good. Every year the world is plagued with natural disasters affecting millions around the globe. Non-profit organizations have the capacity to raise funds quickly to support the victims but distributing these funds quickly and in a meaningful way remains challenging. We aim to:

  • Empower merchants to offer cash back promotions which can be used for donations
  • Facilitate transfer of funds anytime, anywhere: crucial for time-sensitive responses
  • No transaction fees on all donations


The unbanked/underbanked continue to be underserved by traditional financial institutions. Meanwhile, the adoption of digital currencies is held back by a lack of instant payment systems that are efficient, user-friendly, and secure. WadzPay will solve most of the problems with the traditional system, giving back control to both merchants and consumers by capitalising on the innovation made possible by Blockchain and AI.

10. TEAM

Leadership Team

Anish Jain

Anish Jain

Founder & CEO

Over 15 years of extensive experience with two of the top payment companies. He worked as Vice President, Market Development- Asia Pacific for MasterCard, and Client General Manager for American Express. He has worked across multiple geographies and led large payment platforms and programs across Asia, Australia, Middle East, Africa and India.

Matthew Winstanley

Group Head of Commercial

A sales leader with over 20 years in the technology sector at IBM, Bell Systems and Symantec, as well as multiple start-ups. He has successfully sold and oversaw delivery off highly complex and business critical projects, including data center relocations, cloud migrations and business process transformations.

Simon Connolly

Group Head of Technology

With 30+ years in technology, for the last 8 years, Simon has been in the vendor space covering enterprise & industry solution and most recently cloud hyperscalers. Prior to this Simon spent 15 years in capital market and banking with names like Deutsche Bank, JP Morgan Chase, Royal Bank of Scotland, and Standard Chartered.

Stas Madorski

Head of Marketing

Stas’ 13+ year career in marketing includes his role as a Brand Manager at Procter & Gamble (P&G). He has also consulted for Vuulr during their ICO phase. He has been involved in cryptocurrencies since 2017, and was marketing advisor for Vuulr, leading it to a successful ICO


Tarik Husain

Business Development Director

Tarik has over 20 years experience in banking and payments (including at the Bank of England and OCBC Bank). He holds a well rounded perspective of the FSI industry – from banks to vendors. At Sybase 365, he drives and managing key global strategic partnerships, and formulating strategies for global electronic banking, mobile banking, mobile payments and mobile remittance business.

Shawn Tham

Founder and CEO of Revent World Pte. Ltd.

Shaun worked for over 10 years in the construction business. He eventually ventured into finance and worked for AXA and Manulife on sales & business development. Shawn has played different roles from CMO, CTO, and COO.


(September 2020)

View our original whitepaper here (last updated in 2019)